Akdeniz Makina has been founded in 2005 by Oktay Akdeniz who had plenty years of experience on design and production of process equipment for food and chemical industries. We have been supplying products and services to our internal and world-wide customers above their expectations. Customer satisfaction is one of our major philosophies in our business culture. Design to start-up of a process, we take extreme care to voice of our customers, their expectations, minute details on quality of each parts that we use in our products, performance results, transportation and installation including workmanship. Thanks to our customers whose have been relying and motivating to carry-over our activities.

In 2006, we’ve started to manufacture centrifugal pumps (Free Pumps). We are the first and only manufacturer for this series of reliable and compact centrifugal pumps. Hundreds of our pumps have been working under extreme conditions without any problems. Our pumps are capable to work under vacuum conditions and at high temperatures, especially under evaporator units. Its’ compact design provides trouble free operation for years and years.

Besides our strength on design and production, with our skilled workers and well-experienced sales and service team members we have been providing customer oriented products and services and after sales services to our customers.

In 2015, Mr. Nuri Ceylan who had more than 20 years of experience on engineering has joined the company. He has created our engineered sales department to provide “Engineered Solutions” to our customers. We are capable to provide solutions for liquid transfer, heat transfer, process automation, managing steam/condensate network and heat recovery applications needed in industrial plants.

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